Bear Loebe

Bear Loebe’s passion for martial arts began when he was 5-years old after watching the Ninja Turtle movie several times.  Soon after his first year in karate, he began to compete in tournaments, and he began to win.  His travels with the National Black Belt League (NBL) circuit took him to Canada, Mexico, Guatemala and South America, and his prowess attracted sponsors. Bear was asked to present karate demonstrations for the Houston Police officers’ D.A.R.E. program beginning when he was in the 5th grade and continuing through high school.

He achieved his 1st Degree Black Belt under April Cunningham in August of 1991, just before his 9th birthday, and continued training for higher degrees under Wayne Nguyen. Being in the 3rd descent directly from Pat Burleson, he proudly achieved his 4th degree (AKBBA) in 2005 from Mr. Burleson himself. In 2007 Bear purchased TKO Martial Arts from his instructor and began his career as a school owner. After three years the school grew so fast that he had to look for expansion. Bear built out a 4500 Sq Foot State of the art facility next door with everything need to make sport karate champions including a Olympic style tumbling floor. He renamed the school Sport Karate America In 2010 after the opening of Bear’s SKA he was ranked by the Universal Martial Arts Hall Of Fame under Grand Master Daryl “Big Foot” Stewart to Master rank 5th Degree.

Bear Loebe has also been a Chuck Norris KickStart instructor since 2005 teaching at-risk youth at a Houston Spring Branch middle school. Some of those students have followed him to Bear Loebe’s TKO Karate School and are very involved in the curriculum there.

At Chuck Norris’ request, Mr. Loebe has provided the “half-time” entertainment for the World Combat League’s (WCL) televised Martial Arts Competitions, sometimes sharing the spotlight with Bear’s own private student, Sage Northcutt. Bear Loebe’s Demo Team has also performed at the Houston Aeros Hockey game and many festivals around town.

In October of 2010 Bear Loebe hosted his first tournament. Bear was determined to raise the bar of the state karate tournaments and made his event one of a kind. There was live entertainment in the form of COH a local Hip Hop singer perform his hit song with the TX Trixsters showing off their skill as part of the show. He also organized a set Super Fight between two of Texas’ top competitors Chris Gallio and Garret Lee. This 3 round semi contact point match was a high energy historic battle that had the whole gym on their feet. With over 200 competitors this tournament was a huge success.

In February of 2011 the head of the NBL Boice Lydel appointed Bear as the Director of the Sport Karate International Texas, which puts him in charge of sanctioning and memberships in Texas. Bear is also in charge of hosting the SKIL State Championship at the end of the year.

Bear Loebe strives to raise the bar of Martial Arts in Texas and works hard to make a difference in his student’s lives and to spread Sport Karate in a positive way. He has over 30 Black Belts promoted under his tutelage and constantly is attracting Black Belts from around Texas that want to be a part of Sport Karate America.

Bear Loebe’s Sport Karate accomplishments include:

Texas State Champion (3 times) S.O.C.K
Texas State Champion (5 times) AOK
Texas State Champion (10 times) TNT
Texas State Champion (6 times) TKO
2002 World Champion NBL – Korean Traditional
2005 World Champion NBL – Open Musical Creative Forms
2006 World Champion NBL – Open Musical Creative Forms
2009 World Champion NBL – Light Heavy Wt Continuous Sparring
2010 World Champion NBL – Choreographed Musical Forms
20  Forms Grand Championships in the US, Mexico, and Guatemala
NBL rating in the Top Ten Best Karate Schools in the US 2005
NBL rating in the Top Ten Best Karate Schools in the US 2006
NBL rating in the Top Ten Best Karate Schools in the US 2007
NBL rating in the Top Ten Best Karate Schools in the US 2009
A SportMartialArts.com Best Male competitor in 2005

Bear Loebe’s World Champion Students include:
Sage Northcutt 31 time NBL Champion, Colbey Northcutt 31 time World Champion, Shawn Northcutt NBL, Shawn Prommar NBL, Charlie Davidson NBL, James Davidson NBL, Rachel Aquino SKIL, Kevin Buckner SKIL.  

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